About Fantages Studios

Fantages Studios is the creative outlet for S.Broadbent in the area of role playing games. Fantages Studios was originally formed as an entity in the early days of Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition, but branched out into several other genres. In early 2003, Fantages Studios published a partial ruleset for the Wrestle Roleplaying Game based on the d20 Modern ruleset. Development of Wrestle ceased not long after the release of the 4 core modules and Fantages became inactive for some time. Some key game system issues and personal issues were attributed to this period of inactivity. While it never saw the light of release, for a brief time, a fantasy version of Wrestle, codenamed Gladiators or Arena was being discussed.

In 2002, after a suggestion to check out the Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, development of a setting which attempted to stay true to the original material was in the process of being written. It picked up where the novel left off with a series of adventures following two parallel paths. One path would focus on the Return Expedition from the perspective of the original characters, while the second path would follow a rival group seeking to exploit and take advantage of the discovery of the lost world.

In 2005, S.Broadbent acquired the old campaign materials for a now defunct shared networld from the late 90's built for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition game. The project that became known as Truerth takes the world that we know, and overlays a world of magic, deities and fantasy over top. Since the first Truerth primer was released, the world has seen several versions and updates as various aspects were written and rewritten in order to produce something that was consistent, and made some logical or rational sense, which some might call an oxymoron, namely "Logical Fantasy".

Fantages Studios has also had several other unpublished settings with a pair of complementary, but distinctly different settings. These were in production prior to the official release of Dungeons and Dragons 3e, but never saw much development. The two settings, Rya'mier and Darkfire existed on the same world, but in essentially alternate realities. Rya'mier which was intended as Fantages Studios primary flagship line was intended to be a gritty low-fantasy medieval setting, along the lines of Columbia Games setting of Harn. Darkfire was intended to be a higher fantasy version of the Rya'mier core setting, which would allow Fantages Studios to explore a more magic rich environment without having to create a separate world for such. The products for both Rya'mier and Darkfire were intended to be cross compatible, so a game group who utilized the setting, could pick and choose which elements they wanted to use, making the setting unique to you.

In February 2012, after 9 years of dropping development of Wrestle, S.Broadbent was inspired to re-explore the world of Professional Wrestling after reading a much more simpler implementation of the d20 core ruleset. This implementation is called True 20, and produced by Green Ronin Games. There were a few concepts and ideas which were compelling and from an initial read-through, it was realized that a lot of the flaws of the previous d20 Modern interpretation of Wrestle could be eliminated. It was also at this time that the Wrestle core system would utilize an organic character development skill system based upon a d20 interpretation of the HarnMaster game system by Columbia Games, instead of gaining levels to become stronger, skills would improve and develop as they were used.