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To Be Negotiated
Job Description: 

We are seeking an artist (or artists) interested in taking on a number of our prospective projects. We are primarily interested in receiving quotes at this time to allow us to calculate our budgets appropriately. If sufficient interest is generated by our upcoming Kickstarter projects, we will move production ahead and contact those whose styles match what we are looking for.

The first project is illustrations and character portraits for the Wrestle RPG. While the exact number we are looking for may vary, we will probably aim for 20 or more character portraits that will be printed at 3.75 by 2.5 inches, and several additional portraits at 3 by 4.5 inches. We may also require several additional "half-page" illustrations to complete the Core Book and the ICWA Supplemental book.

The second project will require illustrations for up to 180 cards for a Non-collectible Card Game, as well as several template images to design and layout to create the design for the cards. Additional art will also likely be required to complete the project.

A third project may have similar illustration requirements as the second project. It is still in the planning stages, and nothing has been confirmed.